Licenses and Accreditations

DOH License to Operate


PhilHealth Accredited


ISO Certified

List of Accredited Companies as of December 11, 2017

  • Dole Stanfilco  Socksargen Zone
  • Socomedics Medical Center
  • KCC
  • Mt.Matutum Health Care/Howard Hubbard
  • Yellow Bus Line Inc.


List of Accredited HMO as of December 11, 2017

  • Avega  Managed Care, Inc
  • Life And Health HMP, Inc
  • Beneficial Life Insurance Company
  • Maxicare Healthcare Corporation
  • Caritas Helalth  Shield, Inc
  • Medasia Healthcare System Philippines, Inc
  • Cooperative Health Management Federation
  • Medocare Health Sytem
  • Getwell Health Systems,Inc
  • Philhealthcare, Inc
  • Insular Health Care
  • Trade Union Workers Health Organization
  • Intellicare
  • United coconut planters life assurance corp.( Cocolife)
  • Kaiser International Health Group, Inc
  • Value Care Health Systems., Inc