DOH Central Office in Manila conducted a visit in DAPPMC last February 15, 2017 led by Dr. Maria Abigail Principe with its members Engr. Aida Angeles, Marilyn Pacardo, RN, Charles Aguinaldo, RN and Charmaine Ventoso, RMT.


Their main objective was to check the credentials of doctors and employees as well as the processes that are required by the DOH to exist and perform.


As the hours went by, the DAPPMC pulled it off confidently because this institution practices a culture of compliance. From the 201 files of employees up to the policies and processes in privileging and credentialing, they have scored a success to each objective.


Mr. Charles Aguinaldo commended the stairway of DAPPMC because of its ergonomic design especially made to minimize discomfort and of course, aside from the architectural design, DOH appreciated and gave credits to Dr. Edwin Alconcel for he always does the job and focuses his responsibilities regularly in the Laboratory Department as Pathologist. They did not expect such commitment like of Dr. Alconcel.


In overall aspect of the visit, DAPPMC complied with almost everything that is required by the DOH. For that, DAPPMC will continue to comply and observe the necessities that are needed to empower partnership between private institution and government.