Admission Process


Welcome to Dr. Arturo P. Pingoy Medical Center. To ensure a pleasant visit, visitors are requested to take note of the following the schedules:

Visitors are requested to pass the Main Lobby entrance from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Only two (2) visitors per patient will be allowed to stay in the room beyond 9:00 p.m.

ICU Visiting Hours:

10AM-12 NN
Only one (1) visitor at a time is allowed




Room and Board

Room and board is charged at full rate once the patient is admitted.  Upon discharge, a patient is billed half (1/2) day if discharged after 11:00 AM but before 4:00 PM and a full (1) day if discharged after 4:00 PM.

Medicines, supplies and procedures done are itemized in the statement of account/pre–bill on a daily basis and are available upon request from the Billing section. Pre- bill statement does not include doctor’s fee and PHIC/ Insurance coverage.

Statement of Account/Pre-Bill during Confinement

Patients are encouraged to review their statement of account on a regular basis prior to discharge. The statement of account contains details of the charges on room and board, medicines, supplies and procedures performed.


Patients may be requested to make an initial payment upon admission. The Billing Section will request for additional payments during confinement and full payment upon discharge.

HMOs and Corporate Accounts

A Letter of Authorization (LOA) from accredited companies and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) should be submitted upon admission to avoid initial request for payments. Should the Letter of Authorization indicate a maximum coverage limit, the excess of the limit will be paid by the patient prior to his discharge from the hospital. The Billing Section and HMO in-Charge will assist all patients in coordinating with HMOs and Corporations for additional requirements.

Manner of Payment

The hospital accepts only cash payments.
Credit cards are accepted to pay the hospital portion only. Professional Fees must be paid in cash. Company checks may also be accepted.
Guaranty letters from the company, LGU, PCSO may also be accepted.


Philhealth requirements are given to the patient/watcher upon admission and shall be submitted prior to discharge. PhilHealth deductions will be reflected on the final hospital bill of the patient.